Kamal Hassan viswaroopam movie banned in Chennai,Tamilnadu,U.P

Kamal Hassan viswaroopam movie banned in Chennai,Tamilnadu,U.P:

Viswaroopam movie banned - Tamilnadu Chief minister jayalalitha stated -No personal interest in banning Vishwaroopam. Jayalalitha said that the government has to maintain law and order. So the government "24 Muslim groups had petitioned Tamilnadu government to ban Vishwaroopam Movie. Government had  feared about violence, if the film was released in theaters.
Viswaroopam movie images
Viswaroopam movie banned
Viswaroopam actress Pooja Kumar cleavage pics
Viswaroopam actress Pooja Kumar

Viswaroopam Ban by Muslim groups:

24 Muslim group’s complaint to ban the Viswaroopam movie release in Tamilnadu.

Jayalalitha stated that “Legal acts towards karunanidhi for commenting on the Jayalaltiha rivalry with Kamal Hassan”

Legal acts towards Tv channels and news papers “ for declaring that there are no rights to government to ban any movie

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